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Sweet dreams are made for you

A suite for Valentine’s day or for no particular reason:

Devilish things to tempt lovers and gourmets in our restaurant.

As we all know, food is the way to unlock someone’s passion, and what better way is there than tempting chocolate?

A special meal, selected drinks and great table decorations await you.

We look forward to your visit!

Fondue variation

Our package:

200 gr meat

Mixed side salad
Vegetable platter
Fries and party potatoes

Sauce Bernaise
Curry sauce
Garlic sauce (aioli)
Cocktail sauce
Barbecue sauce
Sweet and sour sauce (Chinese)


No. 1 - 200gr chicken breast €16.80
No. 2 - 200gr pork filet - €18.20
No. 3 - 200gr beef filet - €22.50
No. 4 - 200gr mixed meats - €19.90

Perhaps you would like to round off your meal with a good wine – We’re happy to let you have a look at our wine menu!

Bon Appetit and have fun with the skewers!

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